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Wujiang TTK@ Textile&Finishing Co., Ltd is professional China Level 3 Isolation Gown Manufacturers and Level 3 Isolation Gown factory, passing ISO9001:200 quality management system certified by SGS. The company has greige fabric weaving factory, coating factory, lamination and bonding factory, transfer coating and tractor roller coating high-end membrane factory and printing factory subordinated to it.The company also has its own Trade Dept.

  • Our professional Custom Level 3 Isolation Gown, The company has greige fabric weaving factory, coating factory, lamination and bonding factory, transfer coating and tractor roller coating high-end membrane factory and printing factory subordinated to it.The company also has its own Trade Dept., Sample Dept., Research and Development Dept. and Test Center which forming one stop service for textile products.

    TTK is a research & development enterprise that has been engaged in functional anti-microbial fabric for 2 decades. It was initial devoted to research and development of high-tech military fabrics, medical antibacterial materials and civil functional fabrics.

  • In 2003, the company served as al supplier of raw fabrics and finished goods for suits used in fighting SARS, and ever since it has viewed medical high-tech materials as one of its. directions for research & development. In view of the prevailing COVID-19, the enterprise has developed as soon as possible the later materia non-woven fabric + PE highly breathable antibacterial membrane composite product) suitable for disposal medical protective suit production line and organized production of novel disposable medical protective suit made of TTK-PE disposal overall gown. The novel product can guarantee antibacterial performance and breathability of the protective suit and high strength of non-woven fabric + PE highly breathable antibacterial membrane composite fabric.

  • We are a textile manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in textile finished products sales and finishging manufacturing, with self - run import and export right, passing ISO9001:200 quality management system certified by SGS.

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    ISO9001 2008 The industry's standardized and large-capacity machinery accessory manufacturers, the quality of customers is guaranteed, and the delivery time of customers is guaranteed.

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    International sophisticated processing equipment, superior design capabilities, and exquisite manufacturing technology, escorting customers' quality assurance at any time.

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    The company has an advanced laboratory to provide on-site experience for customers who have doubts, allowing you to make a choice without regrets.

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    In order to facilitate the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service of customers across the country, the company has set up a professional team, no matter where you are, we are by your side!

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Industry knowledge About Level 3 Isolation Gown

What are the key features that distinguish a Level 3 isolation gown from lower-level gowns?

Barrier Protection:
Level 3 isolation gowns provide a higher level of barrier protection compared to lower-level gowns. They are designed to offer increased resistance to fluids and microorganisms, providing a more reliable barrier against splashes, sprays, and other potential sources of contamination. These gowns are particularly suited for situations where there is a moderate to high risk of exposure to infectious agents, such as during surgical procedures, intensive care units, and emergency rooms.
Level 3 isolation gowns are typically designed to cover the entire body, from the neck to the knees, and have long sleeves with elastic cuffs. Some gowns may also feature thumb loops to ensure a secure fit and to prevent the sleeves from riding up during use. The design aims to minimize the potential for exposed skin, reducing the risk of infection transmission. Moreover, these gowns are usually open in the back, allowing for easy donning and doffing while maintaining adequate protection.
The materials used in Level 3 isolation gowns are carefully chosen to enhance their protective capabilities. These gowns are commonly made from non-woven fabrics that are both fluid-resistant and breathable. The non-woven nature of the fabric prevents the penetration of fluids and microorganisms, while the breathability ensures comfort for the wearer during prolonged use. Additionally, some Level 3 gowns may have a reinforced front panel or additional layers in critical areas for added protection.
Testing Standards:
Level 3 isolation gowns are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they meet specific performance standards. These tests evaluate the gown's resistance to fluid penetration and the ability to prevent the passage of microorganisms. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets the standards for isolation gowns, and Level 3 gowns must pass ASTM F1671, which evaluates their resistance to viral penetration, along with other relevant ASTM tests.
Intended Use:
Level 3 isolation gowns are intended for use in scenarios with a higher risk of exposure to infectious agents, such as performing surgical procedures with a moderate to high risk of fluid exposure. They are also suitable for caring for patients with known or suspected infectious diseases. Lower-level gowns, such as Level 1 and Level 2, may be appropriate for basic care or minimal risk situations, but they lack the robust protection needed in more hazardous environments.

What are the recommended applications or situations in which Level 3 isolation gowns should be used?

Healthcare Settings:
In healthcare facilities, Level 3 isolation gowns are commonly used in areas with an elevated risk of exposure to infectious diseases and during procedures that involve the potential for fluid splashes. These settings include operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, and infectious disease wards. Level 3 gowns provide an essential barrier between healthcare workers and patients, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and nosocomial infections.
Surgical Procedures:
During surgical interventions, healthcare professionals are exposed to bodily fluids and potential pathogens. Level 3 isolation gowns are ideal for use in surgeries with a moderate to high risk of fluid exposure, such as procedures involving major organs, orthopedic surgeries, and other operations where there is a likelihood of significant blood or fluid loss.
Emergency Response and Pandemic Preparedness:
During public health emergencies, such as outbreaks of infectious diseases or pandemics, Level 3 isolation gowns become indispensable. They are crucial in containing the spread of highly contagious pathogens, protecting healthcare workers, first responders, and other frontline personnel involved in patient care or community response efforts.
Laboratory and Research Environments:
In laboratory settings where handling of hazardous materials, pathogens, or potentially contaminated samples is routine, Level 3 isolation gowns offer an extra layer of protection. These gowns shield researchers and laboratory personnel from accidental splashes, spills, or aerosolized particles that may contain harmful agents.
Long-term Care Facilities and Hospices:
In facilities caring for vulnerable populations, such as elderly residents or individuals with compromised immune systems, Level 3 isolation gowns can help prevent the transmission of infections among residents and staff. They are particularly relevant in settings where there is a higher likelihood of contact with bodily fluids, including hospice care and rehabilitation centers.
High-Risk Industrial Environments:
Beyond healthcare and medical settings, Level 3 isolation gowns find applications in certain industrial sectors. Industries dealing with hazardous chemicals, biohazardous materials, or environmental cleanup activities may require the use of Level 3 gowns to protect workers from potential exposure.