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Wujiang TTK@ Textile&Finishing Co., Ltd is professional China Disposable Shoe Cover Manufacturers and Disposable Shoe Cover factory, passing ISO9001:200 quality management system certified by SGS. The company has greige fabric weaving factory, coating factory, lamination and bonding factory, transfer coating and tractor roller coating high-end membrane factory and printing factory subordinated to it.The company also has its own Trade Dept.

  • Our professional Custom Disposable Shoe Cover, The company has greige fabric weaving factory, coating factory, lamination and bonding factory, transfer coating and tractor roller coating high-end membrane factory and printing factory subordinated to it.The company also has its own Trade Dept., Sample Dept., Research and Development Dept. and Test Center which forming one stop service for textile products.

    TTK is a research & development enterprise that has been engaged in functional anti-microbial fabric for 2 decades. It was initial devoted to research and development of high-tech military fabrics, medical antibacterial materials and civil functional fabrics.

  • In 2003, the company served as al supplier of raw fabrics and finished goods for suits used in fighting SARS, and ever since it has viewed medical high-tech materials as one of its. directions for research & development. In view of the prevailing COVID-19, the enterprise has developed as soon as possible the later materia non-woven fabric + PE highly breathable antibacterial membrane composite product) suitable for disposal medical protective suit production line and organized production of novel disposable medical protective suit made of TTK-PE disposal overall gown. The novel product can guarantee antibacterial performance and breathability of the protective suit and high strength of non-woven fabric + PE highly breathable antibacterial membrane composite fabric.

  • We are a textile manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in textile finished products sales and finishging manufacturing, with self - run import and export right, passing ISO9001:200 quality management system certified by SGS.

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  • Standardized Workshop

    ISO9001 2008 The industry's standardized and large-capacity machinery accessory manufacturers, the quality of customers is guaranteed, and the delivery time of customers is guaranteed.

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    International sophisticated processing equipment, superior design capabilities, and exquisite manufacturing technology, escorting customers' quality assurance at any time.

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    The company has an advanced laboratory to provide on-site experience for customers who have doubts, allowing you to make a choice without regrets.

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    In order to facilitate the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service of customers across the country, the company has set up a professional team, no matter where you are, we are by your side!

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Industry knowledge About Disposable Shoe Cover

How do disposable shoe covers help maintain hygiene and prevent contamination in various workspaces or public areas?

Containment of Outside Contaminants: In workplaces and public areas where cleanliness is essential, disposable shoe covers act as a safeguard against outside contaminants. They prevent dirt, dust, debris, and other particulates from being tracked indoors, thus reducing the overall level of contamination in the area.
Infection Control: In medical facilities, laboratories, and cleanrooms, disposable shoe covers are fundamental in infection control measures. By covering shoes, healthcare professionals, researchers, and workers can prevent the spread of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses from one area to another, mitigating the risk of cross-contamination.
Maintaining Sterile Environments: In sterile environments such as operating rooms or pharmaceutical production facilities, the presence of microorganisms can be catastrophic. Disposable shoe covers act as an additional layer of protection, ensuring that no contaminants from footwear compromise the sterile conditions necessary for critical operations or sensitive processes.
Food Safety: In food processing plants, restaurants, and catering services, disposable shoe covers are instrumental in maintaining food safety standards. By wearing these covers over shoes, employees prevent potential cross-contamination between areas and protect food products from external contaminants.
Allergen Control: In certain settings like laboratories, research facilities, or manufacturing plants dealing with allergenic materials, disposable shoe covers help limit the spread of allergens to other areas, protecting both workers and the environment.
Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience: Disposable shoe covers are, as the name suggests, designed for single-use. This disposability ensures that each time someone enters a clean area or performs a specific task, they can use a fresh, uncontaminated cover. Moreover, they are easy to store, distribute, and dispose of after use, saving time and effort compared to reusable alternatives.
Cross-Contamination Prevention: In places with different hygiene zones, such as laboratories, cleanrooms, or quarantine facilities, disposable shoe covers serve as an effective way to prevent cross-contamination between these zones. By using dedicated shoe covers for each area, the risk of contamination from one zone to another is significantly reduced.

Are there different types of disposable shoe covers available, and if so, what are the key differences between them in terms of design and functionality?

Non-Skid Shoe Covers: These shoe covers are designed with a non-skid or anti-slip sole pattern, making them ideal for areas where slippery surfaces are a concern. Non-skid shoe covers provide added traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls in environments such as hospitals, clinics, or industrial settings.
Waterproof Shoe Covers: As the name suggests, waterproof shoe covers are made from materials that repel liquids, such as water and chemicals. They are commonly used in industries like food processing, agriculture, and cleanrooms, where protecting shoes from liquid contamination is critical.
Conductive Shoe Covers: These specialized shoe covers are designed with conductive materials, making them suitable for industries like electronics manufacturing, where static electricity control is essential. Conductive shoe covers prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) that could damage sensitive electronic components.
Boot Covers: While most disposable shoe covers are designed to fit over regular shoes, boot covers are larger and designed to fit over boots. They offer enhanced protection for workers in construction sites, hazardous waste disposal, and other heavy-duty industries.
Disposable Fabric Shoe Covers: These shoe covers are typically made from lightweight and breathable materials such as non-woven fabric or spun-bond polypropylene. They are suitable for environments where comfort is important, such as hospitals, clinics, and day-to-day use in residential settings.
Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers: Made from polyethylene or similar materials, plastic shoe covers are durable and provide excellent water resistance. They are commonly used in laboratories, cleanrooms, and construction sites where protection from liquids and contaminants is crucial.
CPE Shoe Covers: CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) shoe covers offer a good balance of durability and cost-effectiveness. They are resistant to chemicals and liquids, making them suitable for various industrial applications.
Tyvek Shoe Covers: Tyvek shoe covers are made from a unique material that combines the durability of paper and the strength of fabric. They offer excellent barrier properties against particles and liquids, making them ideal for cleanrooms, labs, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Overshoes with Elastic Band vs. Booties with Tie Closure: Disposable shoe covers come with different closure mechanisms, such as elastic bands or tie closures. Elastic bands provide quick and easy wearing, while tie closures offer a more secure fit for extended wear and better coverage.