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Wujiang TTK@ Textile&Finishing Co., Ltd is professional China Level 1 Isolation Gown Manufacturers and Level 1 Isolation Gown factory, passing ISO9001:200 quality management system certified by SGS. The company has greige fabric weaving factory, coating factory, lamination and bonding factory, transfer coating and tractor roller coating high-end membrane factory and printing factory subordinated to it.The company also has its own Trade Dept.

  • Our professional Custom Level 1 Isolation Gown, The company has greige fabric weaving factory, coating factory, lamination and bonding factory, transfer coating and tractor roller coating high-end membrane factory and printing factory subordinated to it.The company also has its own Trade Dept., Sample Dept., Research and Development Dept. and Test Center which forming one stop service for textile products.

    TTK is a research & development enterprise that has been engaged in functional anti-microbial fabric for 2 decades. It was initial devoted to research and development of high-tech military fabrics, medical antibacterial materials and civil functional fabrics.

  • In 2003, the company served as al supplier of raw fabrics and finished goods for suits used in fighting SARS, and ever since it has viewed medical high-tech materials as one of its. directions for research & development. In view of the prevailing COVID-19, the enterprise has developed as soon as possible the later materia non-woven fabric + PE highly breathable antibacterial membrane composite product) suitable for disposal medical protective suit production line and organized production of novel disposable medical protective suit made of TTK-PE disposal overall gown. The novel product can guarantee antibacterial performance and breathability of the protective suit and high strength of non-woven fabric + PE highly breathable antibacterial membrane composite fabric.

  • We are a textile manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in textile finished products sales and finishging manufacturing, with self - run import and export right, passing ISO9001:200 quality management system certified by SGS.

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  • Standardized Workshop

    ISO9001 2008 The industry's standardized and large-capacity machinery accessory manufacturers, the quality of customers is guaranteed, and the delivery time of customers is guaranteed.

  • Sophisticated Equipment

    International sophisticated processing equipment, superior design capabilities, and exquisite manufacturing technology, escorting customers' quality assurance at any time.

  • Lab Experience

    The company has an advanced laboratory to provide on-site experience for customers who have doubts, allowing you to make a choice without regrets.

  • Strong Service Team

    In order to facilitate the pre-sale, sale and after-sales service of customers across the country, the company has set up a professional team, no matter where you are, we are by your side!

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Industry knowledge About Level 1 Isolation Gown

What are the key features of a Level 1 isolation gown?

Material and Construction: Level 1 isolation gowns are typically made from a lightweight, fluid-resistant, and breathable material. Commonly used fabrics include polyethylene, polypropylene, or a combination of materials that provide adequate protection while ensuring comfort for the wearer. The gowns are designed to cover the wearer's body from the neck to the knees and extend to the wrists, offering full frontal and back coverage.
Long-Sleeves with Elastic Cuffs: Level 1 isolation gowns come equipped with long sleeves that have elastic cuffs. These cuffs ensure a secure fit around the wrists, preventing any potential exposure from the sleeves and reducing the risk of contamination.
Open Back Design: Many Level 1 isolation gowns feature an open-back design, which allows for easy donning and removal. The open-back style also ensures proper ventilation during use, enhancing overall comfort for the wearer.
Tie or Velcro Closures: These gowns are typically fastened with either tie closures or Velcro tabs. The secure closures ensure a snug fit and reduce the risk of accidental exposure during use.
Resistance to Fluids: Level 1 isolation gowns offer a basic level of protection against fluids such as water, light splashes, and low-pressure sprays. While they may not be suitable for high-risk situations or heavy fluid exposure, they are effective in safeguarding against common bodily fluids encountered during routine healthcare tasks.
Disposable or Reusable Options: Level 1 isolation gowns are available in both disposable and reusable forms. Disposable gowns are commonly used in healthcare settings due to their convenience and reduced risk of cross-contamination. Reusable gowns, on the other hand, are made from durable materials that can withstand multiple washings and sterilization processes.

What materials are commonly used in the construction of Level 1 isolation gowns?

Polyethylene (PE): This material is widely used in Level 1 isolation gowns due to its excellent fluid resistance properties. Polyethylene is a lightweight, synthetic plastic polymer that forms an effective barrier against liquids, including water and bodily fluids. Gowns made from PE are cost-effective and disposable, making them ideal for single-use applications.
Polypropylene (PP): Another popular choice for Level 1 isolation gowns is polypropylene. Like polyethylene, polypropylene is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer known for its fluid-resistant properties. It provides a good barrier against fluids and is comfortable to wear due to its breathable nature.
Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS) Fabric: SMS fabric is a composite material composed of three layers - a spunbond polypropylene layer on the outside, a meltblown polypropylene layer in the middle, and another spunbond polypropylene layer on the inside. The combination of these layers enhances the gown's overall strength and fluid resistance while maintaining breathability.
Polyester-Cotton Blend: Some Level 1 isolation gowns may incorporate a blend of polyester and cotton fabrics. This combination provides a balance between fluid resistance and comfort. Polyester adds some fluid resistance, while cotton enhances the gown's breathability and softness against the skin.
CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene): CPE is a type of synthetic rubber material that offers good fluid resistance. Gowns made from CPE are often used in situations where stronger chemical resistance is required in addition to fluid protection.